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Three ducks and a blog

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Blogging is an art form. More than content, timing, form, and expression are all elements of a craft I’m yet to master.

For that reason, I was a little taken aback when I stopped by the blog of a Social Media Chieftain. It had been months since my last visit, so reading another post about life on the road, topped off with the question ‘does that make me sexist? engendered a feeling of dejavu.

If I were to display the contents of my bag, spendiferous with tampons, and dog eared post it notes, my sister and girlfriends might be amused. However, from leading experts, who command substantial fees on the conference circuit, I expect more than repetitive ‘me centric’ commentary. (I left a comment implying as such)

I’m far from a raving Seth Godin fan, in fact I disagree more than agree with Seth, however he has the blog down to a fine art. His pithy, relevant posts usually provoke thought or action.

In my humble opinion, posting is similar to hanging art or family photos. Space and balance are the key to a tasteful display.

Judicious minimalism gives the reader an opportunity to experience your work more intensely. Without the hyperbola, content takes on greater form, and the reader, (rather than the writer ) is invited into a deeper reflection and personal expression.

Perhaps I’m reacting against the burgeoning expression of the blogosphere, regardless, this stream called social media is beginning to sound like one quacked over the cuckoo’s nest.

Written by Catherine White

June 14, 2010 at 11.27 am06

11 Responses

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  1. Catherine, I stumbled here and loved this article. I’ll admit freely that I know *of* Seth, and have read a handful of his posts (most likely through others as I am not in the field), but in no way do I know if he’s good/bad/indifferent.

    “My question is this. If you have nothing to say, why run the risk of posting prosaic, lack-luster material?” The answer is simple. Someone Somewhere said “content is king and keep pumping it out because that’s how you make money”. Bloggers are doing it the world over, day in and day out and making money and telling others to do it too….everyone who wants to succeed in this way are simply following a formula.

    I see this in other aspects of life as well, and thank Miriam for her comment about “the importance of silence and blank space” – there are many people who keep talking to fill in space in real life conversations as well as many who tweet/FB Status update incessantly to appear important.

    Life happens in the space (silence), and simply filling that space (with blog posts, tweets, inane conversation) is counter-productive.

    Andrew Blanda

    November 29, 2010 at 11.27 pm11

  2. Thanks Miss Divine & all
    Wonderful post and super replies!

    I think the ease and immediacy of blogs have made people a little crazy – they are forgetting the importance of the ebb and flow of posts, content and timing.

    In this world of info overload

    I definitely think blog have their place and as time goes by, I think people will get it and those that don’t won’t have an audience of merit.

    They need to remember: Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should!!

    Well done Catherine for leaving a comment – I am a little over people whingeing and commenting to all but the writer/blogger/tweeter etc. I do the same :-)

    Reading the page also made me think – wow our expectations are getting higher and higher and there is less time to get things right and make the changes your community requires…

    love the ducks!! xo

    Nancy Georges

    June 21, 2010 at 11.27 pm06

  3. Hello Miss Divine,

    I miss you my dear!!!!

    I find your analogy between blogging and a family house wall so accurate. I’ve never thought of it this way before, but you’re so right…

    Being the amazing singer, writer and art lover that you are, you of all people would know about the importance of silence and blank space – so thank you for reminding us that blogging shouldn’t be any different…

    Lots of love from Sydney!
    Myriam xx

    Myriam @Detours

    June 18, 2010 at 11.27 am06

  4. Luke I love your comment, you’ve given me the giggles.

    Blogging (like anything) is all about command and control, failing that there’s always control, alt, delete.

  5. I like this place. I’m hanging out. There’s poetry here.

    Devour and spread this diaspora of diatribe
    with judicious minimalism
    in the miasma of stale recycled thinking
    like drug traffikers
    covered in family photos,
    doodads and


    Luke James

    June 14, 2010 at 11.27 pm06

  6. This is brilliant, Miss White. I, too, get tired of the self-absorption of some major social media chieftains.

    I’m wondering if this is a product of the quick turn-over of blog content. There’s so little room for contemplation, it seems.

    And, it’s so refreshing to hear someone criticize Seth Godin. Half of his stuff leaves me really bleh.


    June 14, 2010 at 11.27 pm06

  7. Touche Radhika

    Catherine White

    June 14, 2010 at 11.27 pm06

  8. A cautionary tale for the novices like I! I agree with your review of Seth’s work. Some posts of late have left me thinking “so what?”. The sage on the mountain approach can be a hard act to follow and one the requires consistency to remain relevant.

    Radhika Ram Tevita

    June 14, 2010 at 11.27 pm06

  9. I love your turn of phrase Robin.

    My question is this. If you have nothing to say, why run the risk of posting prosaic, lack-luster material?

    If, like drug traffikers, we trade a continual stream of ‘stuff,’ our audience becomes inured, unable to discriminate between the pure, and the compromised.

    The inspiration for this blog was seeing a house without any bare walls. Every wall (like some blogs) is covered in family photos, doodads and whatnots.

    Clearly the message in the blogosphere is, when your run out of family photos, and posters, hang a set of flying ducks.

  10. Hi Catherine,

    Perhaps the “Social Media Chieftain” has reached such lofty heights that what seems at first appearance as banal and self-absorbed blah, is actually riveting to the glued tribe.

    Like the obsessed fans who sort through the rockstar’s trash, online devotees hungrily devour and spread this diaspora of diatribe.

    So is the online goose cooked? Is there a space for quality and originality in the miasma of stale recycled thinking that echoes from long dead stars? Not sure. But I will say that there are no turkeys on this blog! ;)

    Robin :)

    Robin Dickinson

    June 14, 2010 at 11.27 am06

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